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 With Cloud Foundry Core, developers finally have the resource to find the right provider that supports their specific multi-cloud and portability needs.

AppFog is built by developers, for developers. 

AppFog launches fast and runs fast. Just select name, size, and stack, then "Launch." And it's built from the ground up to support the needs of developers:

  • Multi-language: PHP, Python, Ruby, Node, Java all supported
  • Multi-Cloud: Deploy apps on AWS, Rackspace, HP Cloud, and Azure infrastructures
  • No Vendor Lock-in: With AppFog, you can easily migrate applications or even go on-premise.
  • Multiple Add-On Partners: Extend the flexibility of your application. More added all the time.
  • Second-to-None Support:You're never without AppFog's amazing, transparent support.

An enterprise-class, production workload-ready PaaS.

AppFog offers our easy and reliable PaaS for the enterprise––public, private, or hybrid cloud? Yes! AppFog provides workload portability, a standard scaling methodology, and standard deployment practices with no need for additional systems management. With AppFog in the enterprise:

  • Core IT gets insight and control across technologies and clouds, and freedom from supporting an unmanageable range of vendors and products.
  • Business leaders get enhanced innovation, decreased CapEx budgets, and increased velocity.
  • Developers spend their time coding, not playing the role of sysadmin.

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